Global-Study.Net offers a number of services:

Student Recruitment Services

Global-Study.Net specialises in connecting you to reputable colleges and universities in Greater London that provide courses in a wide range of subjects, such as Business Studies, Health & Social Care Management, Public Health Services, Information Technology, Hospitality Management, to skills-based courses like Photography, Plumbing, and many others. Global-Study.Net also provides on-line Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes for those who are unable to go into full-time education for whatever reason.

Global-Study.Net caters for all kinds of students whether one is outside the UK and wishes to study in the UK or on a correspondence basis. Global-Study.Net can assist with the Tier 4 Student Visa applications for International students and Student Finance applications for UK and EU students!

Academic Partnerships

Global-Study.Net has established relationships with various UK Universities and Awarding Bodies to establish Partnerships with International Institutions, whether an affiliation, validation or articulation relationship is required, or if the college is simply looking to teach on a Distance-Learning course, Global-Study.Net can assist wherever possible.